Why choose Surycat?

Here's a smart list of reasons to work with us:

  1. Easy to learn
  2. Simple to use
  3. Minimal maintenance

And the reason that matters most:

Deploy 5x faster

for 1/5 the cost


For everyone
  • Deliver more efficiently: Surycat streamlines and simplifies systems integration and installation, dramatically shortening the time to deploy. This saves you time and energy otherwise spent on tedious technical stuff so you can focus on your business and your customer
  • Give new life to old equipment, while incorporating the smarter devices your staff wants and needs to use
  • Create new services: Easy to establish new links among different systems (even with systems that lack APIs!), so you can build additional services for applications that rely on "last-mile" notification
  • Reduce costs: Lower the TCO of existing systems and reduce/delay the expense of new systems
  • Increase staff productivity: The information stored in those legacy back end systems gets a direct line from the event to the people who need to take action. Your people in the field |on the floor can respond faster to alerts
  • Minimize disruption on everyday operations: How much have you already invested in your physical equipment, existing systems and facilities? Can you afford a "rip and replace" project? Do you need to? This layered approach of marrying old with new offers a more conservative path to achieve modernization
  • Move towards Smart_____ [enterprise]: If you're M2M, then Surycat is obvious. Because if machines can't connect, how will they communicate?


For Service Providers
  • Protect your install base: Extend the value of your equipment/systems already in place (Eliminate the need to be replaced!)
  • Make customers happier: Using Surycat, you'll help your customers do more with their existing systems and minimize operational disruption
  • Improve profitability: Every customer is cost-conscious today, and rightly so. Surycat saves your customers money, delivers fast ROI and still gives you the margins you need, too. Everyone wins!
For System & App Vendors
  • Extend your reach and get compatible in a blink with hundreds of systems. Should your system be on the 'trigger' or 'action' side, or maybe even both, connecting with Surycat is THE way solve the integration compatibility issue
  • Focus on your added value by showcasing real life use cases that easily fit any customer environment. Leverage your product benefits in the end-user context
  • Resell Surycat yourself to keep your sales proces


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