The Surycat platform connects events to people.

That means it's ideal for action-based systems that monitor people, production and places. Whether you're in-house or a service provider, Surycat can help you connect, deploy and change systems faster and easier - up to five times faster at 1/5 the cost of other means! Surycat solves all kinds of problems with obsolete technology, disintegrated components, cumbersome and risk-prone manual processes and time-consuming configuration, so that you can serve your customers and staff better.


Field Safety - Staff Call  - Central Alarm Systems - Mass Notification - Team Mobilization - Production Line Monitoring - Building & Property Management - Plant & Equipment Maintenance - Appointment Reminders - Lone Worker Security - Guest Management - Nurse Call - Anti-Wander Notification

Because if systems can't connect, how will they communicate?

Surycat includes connectors to more than 100 popular systems in a store concept. Integration is as easy as "add to cart".

Where do these connectors come from? Surycat evolved from more than a decade of life "in the wild," while its experts deployed thousands of critical messaging systems. They created connectors using APIs, standard protocols and even API-less* proprietary systems in "brownfield" environments.

* Many organizations have backbone comms systems which pre-date API capabilities. Not to worry! Surycat is clever: Such systems capturing events or providing actions always have a way in or out. Based on IP, serial interfaces, radio signals, digital inputs/outputs, analog phone line... We' ve integrated all the tools and technos to open and evolve such "vintage" components so they can keep going.




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