What is Surycat

 Surycat from Enovacom is a connectivity platform for critical messaging systems.

Surycat answers the fundamental question: How can systems communicate if they can't connect in the first place? Surycat makes sure all of the required components can mix with each other – whether legacy or new – so that people get the alerts to act wherever they are. The platform combines connectors to more than 100 popular open-sourced and proprietary communications components with people-friendly automated rules – all designed for speed, simplicity and reusability. Building and changing systems, or creating new services, is as easy as "pick, mix and go."


What can you connect with Surycat?

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Surycat supports systems across multiple industries...including healthcare, manufacturing and hospitality, enabling applications designed to monitor plants (facilities), production (shop floor and workstreams) and people (patients, workers, customers, patrons).

Use Surycat to configure and deploy all kinds of comms-based alert systems!

Nurse Call | VIP Notification | Facilities Management | Security & Fire Alarms | Equipment Monitoring | Production Line Disruption | Lone Worker Safety | Mass Notification | Appointment Reminders

The Surycat platform allows:

  • "Any-to-Any" connections among sensors, systems, devices and apps required for real-time notifications
  • Mix-and-match of old and new systems and technologies
  • Drag-and-drop simplicity to build and deploy systems faster - 1/5 the time and cost of traditional deployments!
  • Rules to create the right workstreams and make changes on the fly


 How it works

 Capabilities: Here are just some of the ways Surycat can satisfy your hunger for easier systems:

Extend current services to new devices

WHAT: Surycat can interface with both generations, and help you automate currently manual procedures.

HOW: Surycat easily connects old and new systems with any communication device, including DECT phones, pagers, mobile phones etc. Then Surycat adds more value with additional information and rules setting such as identity, location, alert level to provide even better levels of service.

WHY: Extend the life of current systems while improving usability.

Incorporate sensors and other smart technology
Incorporate sensors

WHAT: Enter the world of IoT automation today.

HOW: Surycat connects sensors to existing telecom infrastructure – PBXs, pagers or VoIP – and supervisory staff get notified for an event, whatever its source. Simply pick up the connectors from the store to the configuration manager and set up the rules. In less than one hour, it's over!

WHY: Integrate M2M connectivity, without dragging down staff productivity. In the end, you'll connect people, production lines, equipment and facilities better.

reach the right people anywhere
Direct notification

WHAT: Send notifications to the control room and the board room and anywhere on the move.

HOW: Surycat "walks the last mile," converting old alerts into high-value messages, delivered to the supervisory teams whether locally through their DECT phones, remotely through their smartphones or on a web dashboard. Simply define the delivery rules and devices and associate the recipients.

WHY: More accurate, real-time alerts delivered to the right people ensure more efficient responses, while they tend to higher value activities.

deliver detailed instructions to field
Staff call capabilities

WHAT: Give customer service staff more information on upcoming tasks to be done, as a team or for one person.

HOW: With an interface as simple as an online store, you extend the staff call communication capabilities to any device (DECT, mobile phone, pager...) with added value messaging (location, request and more...). It's a matter of clicks to set up and execute.

WHY: Dramatically increase service levels and productivity through real-time notification.

Extend to "outside" devices
Notify outside devices

 WHAT:  Reach external subscribers for customer appointment and reservation reminders in a click.

HOW: Surycat can connect appointment/customer systems with SMS systems, allowing you to define your own rules to send reminders – without the need for additional, specialized and expensive software or complex integration efforts.

WHY: Surycat helps you reach the customer directly to reduce no-shows, practically paying for itself!

change recipients on the fly
Change team notifications

WHAT: Select and change on-duty team notifications effortlessly

HOW: Surycat is easy enough for non-techies to define rules and alerts. Moreover, each event can be associated to a criticality level to help the notified person decide what action to take, saving steps with more complete information.

WHY: Surycat minimizes risk. Interventions are optimized and resources are better informed.

pROVIDE closed-loop visibility
Interventions with closed-loop visibility

WHAT: Surycat makes sure a job finds its actors and the job gets done.

HOW: Simply define the set of rules and conditions to determine which group to send the message to (based on keywords, time, etc.) and Surycat's built-in workflows will track completions and escalate as required for closed-loop reassurance.

WHY: Surycat eliminates the manual steps to reduce risk and improve response time.

reach mass recipients via multiple channels
Broadcast on any device

WHAT: Broadcast more granular information to anyone, on any device.

HOW: Simply associate mass notification alert details to match device, recipient role, location and message. Surycat will take care of the rest. Users can even adjust some campaign details on the go, and get detailed reports when done.

WHY: Mass notification must include multi-channel coverage, to reach any target instantly. Surycat makes sure that alerts reach everyone, no matter the "vintage" or form of device.