How it works




Choose your connectors in our connectivity store to connect Surycat with its environment



Build the magic, use the rule and action automation engine to set all the whens and thens



See the magic happen within minutes

Surycat automates much of what used to take weeks and months of programming, installations, intervention and upkeep - saving time, money, resources. Rollout new systems in days, change components in hours and update rules in minutes. With Surycat, you can reuse equipment you already have, integrate next-gen devices or accelerate "greenfield" systems - all within a platform that's fast to learn and easy to use.

Checkout some popular recipes, or cook your own !

Surycat serves up recipes

Surycat gives life to a simple statement - when this happens on this system, then do that (and this, and that and sometimes that, too) - all through recipes, i.e. a combination of connectors and rules.

  • Connectors describe the specific components of the system (like ingredients), and can be configured through Surycat with plug'n'play ease.
  • Rules describe all the whens and thens, and Surycat defines and automates the workflow to execute seamlessly, in real time.


The systems that monitor people, places and production indicate an "event" via an app such as lone worker protection, low-voltage sensors and alarms, business application APIs and various other devices.



The various components of these systems follow real-world instructions, combining event-driven workflows with automated business execution rules.



When events are triggered, notifications flow through designated telecom systems (PBX, mobile phone, SMS, smartphone notifications, pagers, …) defined through connectors to any other output vehicle (digital outputs, webhooks, digital signage…).

Automated workflows make Surycat run faster

Surycat templates include integration monitoring, comprehensive event logging, workflow instructions and more, in simple interfaces such as drop-down menus, lists and point-and-click selections. This makes learning and working with Surycat a breeze, and it's what makes using Surycat so valuable in configuring, deploying and changing system components.

//check for success / confirmation
//repeat action
//escalate in case of failure
//start "other" workflow on success

Surycat landpage connectors laptop

General workflow settings: Just drag and drop

Surycat workflow rules laptop

Rules in people-friendly language

Surycat addressbook laptop

Users and groups can be managed by menu


Surycat architecture and techno

Form Factors: Surycat lives on the ground and in the clouds

Surycat can come in various shapes and flavors depending on the requirements. As a software appliance, the architecture design can be built by mixing any of the following elements.

surycat standard appliance

Standard Appliance

19'' Rackable physical appliance up to 10 connectors

surycat server appliance

Server Appliance

19'' Rackable server-grade physical appliance - for 10+ connectors

surycat virtual machine

Virtual Appliance

Virtual machine - ESXi, KVM, Hyper-V, XEN

surycat high availability

High Availability

For distributed architecture or to implement redundancy, mix any appliance in a High Availability architecture